Reasons for a Website

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider having a website:

1. Spreading the word...

With the release of books and films such as the "Da Vinci Code" and "The Lost Symbol", the public interest in freemasonry has never be higher. However, freemasonry is still regarded by many with suspicion and many myths about our fraternity still prevail.

Having a website will help people in your local community understand what freemasonry is really all about, what you do for the community as a whole, and the requirements and benefits of membership.

2. What's going on?

Having up-to-date information on what your lodge or chapter is currently doing, keep both your members and your local community in touch with your latest news and events. This can increase interest and awareness in your charity appeals, fund-raising, and social activities. Lapsed members will see that your lodge or chapter is still very much alive, and might prompt them to get more involved.

It has often been said that visiting is the life-blood of freemasonry. Letting members of other lodges and chapters know when degrees are being performed can encourage visitation; both from the members of nearby lodges/chapters, or simply by brothers or companions that are visiting your area.

Of course, it is up to you what information you publish, and with a FreemasonsWeb website you have a choice whether to allow access to certain events to the public, basic or full members of your website.

3. Helping yourselves and the community...

Many lodges and chapters have their own social clubs or halls for hire. In addition to advertising social or charity events you may be undertaking, a website can be a convinient way of members of your community getting in touch with you regarding hall hire, or any queries regarding your events.

Increasing awareness of any events or hall-hire can help to increase your income, and support the up-keep of your premises.

In addition, if you sell items such as ties, anniversary jewels, or mark tokens via eBayTM, your FreemasonsWeb can publish items from your eBayTM shop allowing easy access to purchasing these items.

4. Keeping up to date...

Lodges and chapters are increasingly being encouraged to do their communication and returns electronically. The email addresses provided with your FreemasonsWeb website will enable you to communicate with ease - and there won't be the problem of changing email addresses every time a new secretary or treasurer takes office.

5. Why should we go with FreemasonsWeb?

There are a number of steps you would normally go through to get a website:

  1. Registering your domain : This is where you buy an domain name, which is the address you enter into your browser to see your website. Prices are typically around £6 for two years.
  2. Buying web-space : This is the "space" where your website will live, think of it like an empty plot of land. Typical prices are around £2 - £3 per month.
  3. Building your website : This entails creating the HTML code, CSS styles and images required for your website. Think of this as actually building the house on your plot of land. This is generally an on-going process, and will require web-design skills. Professional web-designers typically charge around £100 per page.
  4. Maintaining your website : Every time you want to add something to your website, you'll need to edit your HTML code and upload it to your website.

Of course, you're free to go down this route if you want, but ask yourselves the following:

  • Do you have the necessary web-design skills to create and maintain your website?
  • Will your web-designer always be available to maintain your website for you?
  • If your web-designer has control of your website, what happens when they're not available?

With a FreemasonsWeb website, all of this is taken care of for you.

You do not need to worry about registering your domain, buying web-space or building your website... and you certainly don't need to be a web-designer or technical wizard.

The FreemasonsWeb CMS makes maintaining your website a breeze. It's as easy as using a word processor, and with online help and tutorials you'll always have the information you need to hand.

Your setup fee is only £99 and thereafter £20 per year.

Above all though, it's up to YOU who controls your website.

6. What does having a website entail?

Please read our frequently asked questions for more information regarding FreemasonsWeb websites, and masonic websites in general.

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